Monday, November 26, 2018

Welcome to Surf Fishing North Carolina

Lord, suffer me to catch a fish so large that even I in talking of it afterward shall have no need to lie. 

Welcome to Surf Fishing North Carolina; with over 300 miles of shoreline, North Carolina offers up the best surf fishing in the world! North Carolina’s unique coastal geography and climate lends itself to the great surf fishing experienced by anglers putting their lures and bait in our waters. From the grand view, North Carolina’s surf fishing is influenced by both the Gulf Stream and the Labrador Currents. The Diamond Shoals extending into the ocean out from Cape Hatteras are a dramatic physical example of what happens when these two currents collide. Our state’s surf fishery is in a transition zone between the Mid-Atlantic Bight to the north and the South Atlantic Bight to the south. This leads to a wide variety of fish available in our waters.

Click Links Below for Solunar, Tides and Weather Data for North Carolina Area Beaches

Brunswick County Area Beaches

Wilmington Area Beaches

North Carolina's Crystal Coast

Ocracoke and Hatteras Islands

Northern Outer Banks